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Onboarding training Following international standards with e-learning


Digitization for business

Switching from traditional training to E-learning is a tough challenge, especially when traditional training has become an "invisible habit". So what training content should be digitized? Below are the most common cases of digitalization for corporates.


- Mission, Visions, Core values
- Corporate culture
- Guide on administrative procedures
- HR policies
- Welfare policies

Compliance training

- Production procedures
- Working process with customers
- Labor safety
- Information security
- Ethical standards
- Standards of behavior

Product training

- Product introduction
- Manuals
- How to support customers in their shopping experience
- Customer service standards

Skils training

- Instruction on using performance support tools
- Professional and technical skills
- Sales skills
- Product consulting skills
- Management skills

Unique selling points

Optimize costs - Minimize time - Maximize efficiency

Save time for both trainers and attendants

Synchronize and standardize 100% of training content

Optimizing resources and costs of repetitive training

Build a mindset for digital transformation 4.0 and a sustainable self-study culture

Now experience the content after digital transformation


Please help us understand your training needs to craft the most suitable solutions for your business!

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