Brightspace learning management system

Meets every learning management need on a single platform with a few clicks

Brightspace learning management system

Brightspace is a learning management system provided by D2L (Canada).With 20 years of experience in the training market and especially in E-learning, Brightspace LMS has been trusted by over 15 million users from more than 1300 organizations globally. As a D2L's strategic partner in Vietnam, Amber aims to satisfy the local businesses' training management needs with globally updated technology solutions.

Key features

Each and every feature on Brightspace is developed based on the studies of user experiences, administrators' needs and businesses' training strategies.

Learning Path

Effortlessly design a learning path according to the competency framework of each group of students.

Mobile Apps

Access learning content easily and quickly any time, any where, and on any device.

SIS Integration

The platform is integrated with Human Resources Information System (HRIS) to help corporates efficiently manage human resources' data on one platform

Data Hub

Allow administrators to access and store all data recorded on the platform


Brightspace does not just stop at managing and evaluating training efficiency, it supports bussinesses in ways you might not expect from an education technology provider.

The ability to customize to all learning management needs.

Easily expand features with its extended app store (anti-fraud, training content creation, learning path customization,...)

Highly standarded data security with ISO27001 and ISO27018 certifications.

Monthly product updates incorporate ideas directly from our customers.

Brightspace's solution packages

Understanding that the training needs of each business are completely different because the training strategy needs to be associated with the development goals of the business in each period, Brightspace offers 3 solution packages to help businesses solve "tough" problems.

Brightspace Core

The core solution package includes all the tools and support you need to help drive business success with engaging learning experiences for all employees, whether they’re in the office or working remotely.

Performance Plus

The Performance Plus add-on package delivers powerful analytics tools to help L&D and business leaders save quality time while maximizing impact and driving success.

Engagement Plus

The Engagement Plus add-on package offers corporations the ability to showcase their online course offerings, and it also helps facilitators create engaging, video-based training and courses.

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