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amber online education
Bring enjoyable learning experience to optimize training efficiency

Amber's biggest goal is to help everyone regain joy in the learning process. As a child, learning comes naturally to us, learning is a curiosity, a joyful discovery. Yet, as adults, we unknowingly lose this joy, and rarely enjoy learning with gusto.

Amber believes that training is most effective when learning is for everyone a fun and voluntary choice. We want to help Vietnamese businesses improve the quality of their employees by changing the learners 'experiences and the employees' experiences through the A-GUM philosophy!

what we guarantee

Meet high expectations

Every project is an opportunity to make a breakthrough. We always want to take this opportunity to make an unexpected difference for your organization.

Quality control &
risk management

With the desire to bring customers products with the best quality, Amber is always serious about monitoring and managing risks as well as quality in the production process and the final product.

Support from subject matter experts

Experts from Amber commit to accompany the business throughout the cooperation process. We look forward to building close partnerships with customers on the basis of mutual development.

meet amber

The Game Master who develops the best strategies for all Villagers
Nguyen The Anh
The Genuine Hunter - Hunter's duty is to bridge between Amber and Customers. She is the one who knows Customers best.
Nguyen Bao Ngoc
Bussiness Developer
The Mayor of the Werewolf Village who is the leader of all Villagers ensuring the quality of every solution built
Nguyen Nhat Le
Learning Designer
The Smart Prophet who transforms provided materials into incredible learning experience
Phan Thu Trang
Learning Designer
The Technology Witch who builds the technology foundation for every Amber product
Tran Duc Dat
Lead Video Editor
The Resilient Guardian who is responsible for the final stage of the product connecting small pieces into a complete package
Nguyen Minh
Technology Developer
The Invisible Mage who powers the smooth operations of Amber’s platform and production
Mars Khuong
Platform Developer
The Mayor of the Werewolf Village who is the leader of all Villagers ensuring the quality of every solution built
Tran Thao Linh
Production Leader

Subject matter experts

Phan Van Son
HRD Academy Director

Ph.D Nguyen Thuy Anh
Vice Dean of Business Administration Department, Foreign Trade University Hanoi

Ph.D Nguyen Hong Quan
Faculty of Business Administration, Foreign Trade University Hanoi

PGS.TS. Nguyễn Chí Anh
Director of Business Administration Research Center - University of Economics, VNU

Mr. Ngô Chinh Đức
Director of Be Group Training Academy

Ph.D Nguyen Danh Nguyen
Director of Institute of Economics & Management, Hanoi University of Technology

Mr. Chu Cảnh Chiêu
FPT Corporation Training Specialist

Assoc.Prof Vu Thanh Hung
Former Deputy Institute of Business Administration, National University of Economics

amber activities

Together we conquer the impossible


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