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Refresh your internal training activities with
Content digitalization

"Easy to store - easy to share" is a key benefit of digitizing internal documents. Not only is the information transformed digitally, but Ber also helps your messages now delivered with more colors, sounds, animations and stories on the needs of customers.

Here is a list of the most common digitization applications in businesses and enterprises.

Digitize Product Information

• Vision, mission and core values
• Corporate culture
• Guide to administrative procedures
• HR policies
• Welfare policies

Digitize Skills and Professions

• Products and services introduction
• Instruction manual on digitized products and services
• Customer guide on selecting suitable digitized products
• Customer service standards

Digitize procedures and regulations

• Production procedure
• Working process with customers
• Labor safety
• Information security
• Standards of ethics
• Standards of behaviour

Digitize Business Information

• Tool instruction manual
• Professional and technical skills
• Sales Skills
• Product consulting skills
• Management skills

Diverse forms of Digitization

In training, it is also right to say "A picture is worth a thousand words".
Ber provides a wide range of digital forms to enhance our learners' level of receiving and understanding information, including:

Motion Graphics

Lively visualize the information with motion graphics.


Transform text data into a professional slide show that conveys information in a condensed and sharp way.


Green-screen filming the instructors in a professionally-equipped studio.


Trigger active learning mode in any learner by engaging them in compelling interative activities while learning.

Scenarios Filming

Create and illustrate content through videos of real human stories and events.

Total Digitization Solution

Combine multiple digitization forms to create an enjoyable, engaging, and professional lecture.

Professional Procedure

Digitizing training content is complicated, requires the work of a professional team and takes a long time to produce. That's why Ber offers a workflow with only 5 simple steps:

Step 1
Receive requests and consult solutions

Step 2
Build ideas and overall concept

Step 3
Draw storyboards

Step 4
Develop online lessons

Step 5
Appraise and handover

Our companions in Digitalization activities

Please check out "the explorers" who has been accompanying with Ber in digitalization journey.

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