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opportunity to improve 10 essential soft skills for
100 employees

List of e-course
by competency categories

Courses are designed to meet the necessary skills according to the competency frameworks for each position level

Core Management skills
The Core Management competencies include all the essential and compulsory skills for every position in the workplace.

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Middle-level management skills
Middle managers are people who help connect employees and top managers.

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Top-level management skills
Few people call "leadership" a profession because a leader's duties cannot be listed as specifically as executive job descriptions.

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Top-level management skills

the reason behind e-course

Problems From Business Perspectives

The battle between businesses in the 4.0 era is a competition for human resources. However, not all businesses consider human resource training as investment. Recognizing this, Amber bring E-course to Vietnamese businesses as the simplest and easiest solutions, helping businesses not spend too much resources but still achieve efficiency in improving human resource capacity.

Problems From Learner Perspectives

Learning doesn't have to be fun. But if possible, why not? That is the first question we ask when we put ourselves in the learner's position. The E-learning learning experience has often been said to be dull and lacking of interactions. We want to prove the opposite by focusing on transforming learner experience, thereby helping them form a habit of learning.


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